Eldritch Lake

Welcome to Eldritch Lake.


Tucked away in the middle of Dunwich County rests the ancient and massive Eldritch Lake. Surrounded by small towns, forests, and hills, this idyllic region is known for its hiking trails and friendly locals. Visitors of all stripes can expect whatever they desire.


We are a creative community on the northern point of the lake. Our retreat has been visited by some of the great lost minds in recent history. Please join us in attending our weekly writing retreats in the woods or by submitting your material to our county's literary journal. All are welcome to work with us in creating a brighter world.


Police are aware of the isolated incidents in the region surrounding the lake and are working around the clock to address the issue. We want to assure our members no harm will befall our writing commune provided we all remain focused on the task at hand. We are not open to media enquiries at this time pending an inquiry into the recent accidents. RIP Linda and Mallory.

News, Announcements, Opportunities

October 25th 2020

After a very strange year (we don't have to tell you), we are back to try again. Streamlined guidelines, a larger team, and only one email account to submit to. Should be fun.

October 20th 2019

We are in the process of finishing up the debut edition and are also looking forward to the Christmas special. Watch out!

September 19th 2019

After some spooky technical issues with email access, we are now working through submissions. Great stuff so far.

August 24th 2019

First draft of website is live. Stay tuned as we feret out spelling mistakes and rewrite everything only to reset it all.

August 17th 2019

Nothing has happened yet. But the website is up. So, small victories.